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Community and Corporate Fundraising

If you are a part of a community organization or business that is interested in a unique fundraising opportunity for your group, Massage Magic has the perfect plan for you.

Contact us to set up a Massage Magic user group for your organization or business. Members of your group, their families, friends and supporters of your fundraising cause can join this user group. You will need a contact or point person for your group that can be in charge of distributing information to the members about the program and how they can participate in the fundraising effort. Massage Magic will provide you and your group all the information required to participate as well as information about our services.

As members of your user group purchase and use our massage services, Massage Magic will donate 5% of the basic cost of every massage back to your organization or cause. All members will receive a registered receipt that can be used to recover the cost of their massage from their health insurance plan (for those that have one) or for submission with their tax return. Basically, members can enjoy the health benefits of massage at Massage Magic on an ongoing basis, their health insurance plan will cover the cost and their organization will earn a 5% bonus every time they participate. This definitely has to qualify as the best fundraising plan on the planet!

To get started just contact or call 519-894-2612 and we will provide you with all the necessary information to get started.