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Introductory Relaxation Massage
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introductory hot stone massage
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Relaxation Magic
Light to medium pressure applied to promote circulation and lymph movement. Works well for stress relief and chronic pain conditions.

Deep Muscle Magic
More aggressive pressure used to release muscle tension, loosen scar tissue, lengthen muscles and provide deep pain relief.

Sports Magic
Treatment technique designed to promote flexibility, improve endurance, reduce post workout recovery time and decrease the risk of injuries.

Cranial Sacral Magic
Gentle massage techniques used to release muscle and joint tension. Relieves tissue restriction, promotes balance and decreases stress.

Prenatal Magic
Reduces the stress and physical discomfort of pregnancy. Helps reduce headaches, backaches and fatigue. Also enhances sleep.

Foot Magic
Relaxing massage that decreases stress and anxiety and relieves the most common types of foot pain and arthritis. Effective for ankle and arch pain as well as plantar fasciitis.